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Hacking Holiday Park Green Tourism Policy

Hackings Holiday Park are proud to be involved in recycling, energy usage control and actions supporting biodiversity. We were awarded GOLD (Green Tourism Scheme - 2011) for our work in developing and promoting a sustainable tourism experience for our caravan owners and visitors. The green agenda is supported throughout the park using environmental products and practices across the site wherever possible.

As supporters of the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme, in 2013 we were awarded a third successive Gold award for our contribution to the protection of the environment.

David Bellamy Conservation Awards are given to sites which can demonstrate policies showing active concern for the environment including the protection of plant and animal habitats, the efficient use of energy and recycling.



Established a mixed native wood with fruit and nut trees to encourage wildlife into the park.

Butterfly Garden


Created a butterfly garden and wild flower meadow, Installed bat boxes, nest boxes and bee and insect houses.

Recycling Campaign


Introduced an active recycling campaign around the park for glass, cans, plastic, paper and cardboard that has achieved significant reductions in refuse collections.

Composting system


Introduction of a composting system for all compostable materials which will produce compost for use around the site by caravan owners

Hackings Holiday Park is constantly looking for ways to improve its ‘green’ status and we are committed to achieving our ultimate aim of being as close to 100% environmentally friendly as it is possible to be.

We are committed to raising awareness of environmental issues with our staff, caravan owners and visitors to the park and we are continuously striving to improve our practices and activities to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards and are compliant with all relevant environmental legislation.

Solar Panels Hackings Holiday Home Park

1st Clitheroe Beavers and Wendy from Hackings Caravan Park

Beavering away for the environment

The award winning Hackings Holiday Park has recently joined forces with 1st Clitheroe Beavers to help promote environmental care and conservation. Young people from the group visited the park to look at the range of environmental features that have resulted in the park achieving numerous awards, including; the prestigious Green Apple Award, which was presented at the House of Commons last year.

During their visit, the Beavers learned about recycling, energy efficiency and nature conservation. All of which will contribute to the Beaver’s Global Challenge and Environmental Partnership Awards.

Assistant Beaver Leader Cheryl Rothwell said, ‘The Beavers thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Hackings. They were able to learn about all aspects of environmental care and are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource on their doorstep. We anticipate that our visit to the park is the first of many.’

As a follow up to their visit, the Beavers made wooden bird boxes for various locations around the park and these were presented to Wendy Hacking at one of their weekly Beaver meetings back at Scout HQ.

When thanking the Beavers, Wendy described how the bird boxes would be placed in specific locations around the park, so wild birds will be able to make their nests in safety. Some boxes will have cameras installed to enable visitors to watch the young birds hatch and grow.